Western District

Director: Karen Bowen

Western District of AFGC is located in the southwest corner of Arizona in Yuma County. Yuma County has a population of more than 205,600. Farming, cattle, tourism and two military bases are Yuma County’s principal industries. Western District includes three garden clubs and one garden society.

Mission Statement: It is our mission to provide education, resources and networking opportunities to promote the love of gardening, floral design, civic beautification and environmental responsibility to members and the public.

CLUB:            Moody Garden Club
CITY:             Yuma
MEETINGS:   Last Tues @ 9:00AM (Sep-May)
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PHONE NO:   928-920-6157
EMAIL:          leannpacbird@gmail.com

CLUB:            Pecan Grove Garden Club
PRESIDENT:  Cindy Carey
CITY:             Yuma
MEETINGS:   3rd Tues @ 6:00PM (Sep-May)
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PHONE NO:   928-344-3006
EMAIL:          cindycarey21@gmail.com

CLUB:            Yuma Garden Club
PRESIDENT:  Lydia Reibel | MaryLou Millstead
CITY:             Yuma
MEETINGS:   2nd Mon @ 1:00PM (Oct-May)
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PHONE NO:   916-709-1213
EMAIL:          rrroy@hotmail.com milstead203@gmail.com

CLUB:            Yuma Orchid & African Violet Society
PRESIDENT:  Sally Griffith
CITY:             Yuma
MEETINGS:   2nd Thurs @ 1:15PM (Sep-May)
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PHONE NO:   503-310-3730
EMAIL:          sassaboo8@msn.com