The Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs’ tradition of providing scholarships to deserving students in horticultural fields is deeply rooted.

Thanks to many of our clubs and members, we can brag that our “Circle of Giving” 75th Anniversary Scholarship Campaign was a success. Donations provided an additional $9500.00 for our scholarship fund. The Anniversary Campaign and special awards program was completed at our April convention. However, scholarships remain important and we plan to continue utilizing our “Circle of Giving” concept to promote scholarship donations.

The Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. (AFGC) is proud of its scholarship program, which offers financial aid to students and promotes study in the Agriculture Education, Horticulture (including Fruit Science/ Environmental/ Communications), Floriculture, Landscape Design, Botany, Biology, Plant Pathology/Science, Forestry, Agronomy, Environmental Concerns (Management:   Environmental, Horticulture Resource/Environmental Behavior, etc.), Economics, Environmental Conservation (including Engineering, Law, etc.), City (Rural & Urban) Planning, Wildlife Science, Habitat or Forest/ Systems Ecology, Land Management and/or other related or allied subjects.

Applicants MUST be majoring in one of these fields of study with a career related to gardening, landscape design, environmental issues, floral design or horticulture and have a 3.25 grade point average.

For the $500.00 Community College scholarships, the student must maintain a B average and be enrolled in similar fields of study.

If you know a student interested in applying for one of our scholarships, go to the National Garden Club’s site, and click on the Scholarships Tab for an application. AFGC uses the National Garden Clubs form. Print and fill out the application to apply. There are guidelines as to what is important. The financial aid form is very important as well as the personal letter. Attention is given to transcripts to make sure students are taking courses that are applicable to their major. Letters of recommendation are taken into consideration. Completed applications must be sent to AFGC Scholarship Chairman Linda Larson.

This year National Garden Clubs, Inc. is offering 35 scholarships of $3,500 each to Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students that are majoring in horticulture and related fields (applications may be made by Sophomores for grants to be awarded for the Junior year). All applicants must have a 3.25 grade point average in order to apply. AFGC annually submits one Arizona student application for consideration in National competition.

Direct donations to the scholarship fund are encouraged and may be used to fund current year scholarships. Please consider this worthwhile project when determining your charity donation schedule. Donations are tax deductible as AFGC is a 501(C)(3) organization.

For additional information about scholarship requirements and donations, please email the Scholarship Chairman, Linda Larson.