Greetings AFGC Members,

My theme is RAISING ARIZONA-Pollinator Plants, Participation and Membership.

Pollinator Plants

Let’s make our gardens inviting habitats for birds, and butterflies. Flowering trees and shrubs provide nesting, resting, shelter, and nectar for pollinators. Low mounding shrubs can provide protection and cover for ground-foraging birds. Of course, plant lots of flowers and include milkweed because Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed which is the only plant that the monarch caterpillars eat, finding and monitoring a monarch chrysalis to the eventual emergence of a spectacular butterfly is an unforgettable experience. If your garden consists of an outdoor balcony, container of colorful plants can provide nectar and “perch pauses” for pollinators.


We’re all familiar with the saying that ten percent of the people do ninety percent of the work. AFGC members, let’s prove that adage to be wrong. I encourage everyone to participate beyond just showing up at your garden club meetings. Serve as an officer at the club, district, state, regional and levels. Participate in your club’s community outreach programs. Chair a fundraiser or convention and attend AFGC fundraisers, conventions and district meetings throughout the state.


To increase membership, bring a friend to your garden club meeting, fundraiser and convention. Many years ago, when I resided in Pennsylvania, a friend invited me to her garden club meeting. I joined and I’ve been an active member of a garden club ever since. Garden clubs that have community outreach involving youth activities is like putting savings in the bank for future use.

My President’s Project is the replanting of the Wallace Desert Garden in the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. This dovetails with NGC President Nancy Hargraves’ theme “Plant America”. AFGC donated monies toward this project last year and it is my plan to do so again, however, I ask members to consider donating to a club and/or individual basis. Some examples are: donate a bench; have a tree or succulent planted to honor the passing of a family member or garden club friend; commemorate a special anniversary or birthday. These are gifts and are of benefit to all

It is my honor and pleasure to work with you and for you during my term of office.


Marcie Brooks.